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Feasibility + Functionality + High Value Perception.

可行性 + 功能性 + 高价值感知 

DXID is an international design company from Brazil with an advanced base in China, where some amazing things happens. We have been in business since 2008 and have attained several success cases in a lot of market segments. We have been awarded international recognition for innovation, design and achieved results through IF Design Awards / MCB Award / Objeto Brazil and many others including TIA - Top Innovation Award 2018 and 2019. 

Product development 
from a design perspective.

Our strategy is work in the development of our products from 0% to 100%, it means to be involved in all steps related to the development, since the first ideas and design concepts to the product mass production, mainly in manufacturing moment, and achieve the ideal final solution in a very active and dynamic way.  Functional aspects innovation firstly, good design and an aesthetic well solved is just a consequence. 

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Aesthetic is just a consequence.

Value perception.

Unique experiences.

Our greatest purpose is to create products that not only stand out in their markets, but that create unique experiences, being consistent and above all unforgettable. Consumers who appreciate good products become loyal to the brand, practice repurchase, and recommend it to other potential consumers.

Innovation, strategic thinking, and energy are our ingredients to make a product become memorable. Our goal is to attract and retain loyal consumers and for that, we idealize unique experiences for increasingly demanding markets.

Who we have worked with over the years.

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Great things are coming. Soon.

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