We use creativity to break down barriers, bring ideas to life, break paradigms and cross borders. Intelligence to achieve values, quality standards, a bond between people of different nationalities and different cultures. All our energy to power the business.

Feasibility + Functionality + High Value Perception.

可行性 + 功能性 + 高价值感知 

An international company that develops and distributes innovative products to consumers worldwide. 

We are from Curitiba in Brazil and we are also in Ningbo in China, where is our advanced base. Some amazing things happen there.

Solutions in R&D, design, engineering, manufacturing, procurement, quality control, and sales integrated, mainly deal with first-class fitness equipment. A close relationship with the international market allowed DXID to export products to Europe, America, Japan, Korea, and more than 20 countries over the world.

Innovation, consolidate foundation, standardized management, costs reduction, and quality improvement are the business policies.

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Product development 

from a design perspective.

Our strategy is work in the development of our products from 0% to 100%, it means to be involved in all steps related to the development, since the first ideas and design concepts to the product mass production, mainly in manufacturing moment, and achieve the ideal final solution in a very active and dynamic way.  Functional aspects innovation firstly, good design and an aesthetic well solved is just a consequence. 



Aesthetic is just a consequence.

Value perception.

Inovação, pensamento estratégico e energia são nossos ingredientes para fazer um produto se tornar memorável. Nosso objetivo é atrair e reter consumidores leais e para isso idealizamos experiências únicas para mercados cada vez mais exigentes.

Unique experiences.

Nosso maior propósito é criar produtos que não só se destaquem em seus mercados, mas que criem experiências únicas, sendo consistentes e acima de tudo inesquecíveis. Consumidores que apreciam bons produtos se tornam fiéis a marca, praticam a recompra e indicam a outros consumidores.

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have developed over

the years.

DXID Leadership

Our Profiles

Rodrigo Dangelo


David Li Qiang 李强

Business Strategy 

Shelly 清妃

Chief Financial Officer

Lina Zhang 张丽娜

Sales Manager

Bao 包昌甲

Engineering Department Officer

Adam 倪晟云



Paulo Henrique 保罗

Quality Control Director

Jack Song 宋启发

Chief Quality Officer

Bill 胡海忠

Quality Control Manager

Guilherme Oliveira


Carlos Melo Jr.


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646 João Viana Seiler St | Parolin - Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil, +55 (41) 3033-0133


Chuangqing road, Dongyang Village, Shiqi sub-district, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, +86 (180) 6753 8008


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